Food For Those In Need

Feeding America

This is a network of food banks that helps those in need of food in the United States. Based on information from Feeding America, over 37 million have been helped by the organization. One of the waysfeeding_america_pic_copy_FINAL_FB_grande that it helps is by educating others about hunger in the country. Information is released by the company each year that gives details of how many people, adults and children, go hungry each year. With the help of soup kitchens and food banks in various states, these people don’t have to go hungry. The Second Harvest Food Bank is one of those in the network that helps others. There are branches in California and Florida. Some states have their own branch of food banks that get their supplies from Feeding America. The organization partnered with Foodchain in 2001. Since the recession that began in 2008, there has been a greater demand for help from Feeding America. The organization started Hunger Action Month as a way to gain more awareness.

Food For The Poor
According to 04Food For The Poor is a Christian agency that provides food to those in need across the United States and other countries. This is one of the largest agencies that provide food for other countries in need, especially the children who live in those countries. The agency relies on donations from businesses and individuals to help supply the food that is given. “This is a group of people who go beyond the borders of the United States to help the children who have nothing to eat,” said Jason Hope. Fundraisers are held through the year, and there is information given out to make donors aware of just how much hunger there is in the world. The agency works heavily with those who live in Latin America and the Caribbean. Volunteers learn Spanish so that they can communicate with those in need in order to provide in the best possible way.


Feed The Children
This is an agency that helps to make sure children in the country don’t go to bed hungry. It is a non-profit agency, and information on states that there are several ways people can help to end hunger. Whether it’s in the United States or abroad, there are children who don’t have anything to eat aside from the food that they are served in school. Over 40 trucks travel across the country to collect donations of food and to deliver that food to those in need. The agency also works with schools to make sure students have all of the supplies they need, such as book bags, pencils and hygiene items. Along with the food boxes that are given to families, Feed The Children also helps with household goods like toilet paper, paper towels and toiletries. The agency knows that homes need more than just food in order to survive. When there is a tragedy, such as a hurricane or tornado, Feed The Children is one of the first to respond to make sure those involved have a hot meal.